Cosplay Escorts

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Alicia was a gorgeous Asian escort who loved role play sex. She smoothed down the apron of her maid’s uniform then slipped on her black net garters and six-inch heels. She straightened the little cap on her head, making sure her tight bun was secure and then walked out into the living room, and took up the Hoover.
She hummed as she pretended to clean the carpet, picking a pillow up off the floor here and flicking a speck of dust off the furniture there.

Suddenly she was grabbed from behind and she opened her mouth and screamed loudly.
“Shut up! Shut your mouth or I’ll kill you,” her captor said holding her close to him by her breasts, “Now where are the family jewels?”
“Please sir, I don’t know,” Alicia said making her voice tremble slightly. Authenticity was everything.
“Oh, you know! How long have you been cleaning this house? I know you have the keys on you!” he began to search her; pulling up the skirt of her uniform and feeling up her legs and then tearing her bodice to search between her breasts.
“I told you, sir. I don’t have it,” she cried, arching her back slightly so that her breasts swelled a little more.
“Shut up,” he cried, spinning her around and bending her over, “I haven’t finished looking.”
He pushed her panties aside and began burrowing into her, being very thorough in his ‘search’.
“Please, sir; I don’t know where it is. If you let me go, I’ll do anything to pay you back,” she said.
“Anything?” he asked, pulling her against him so she could feel his erection.
“Anything sir.” She repeated, turning her head to look him in the eye.
He removed his mask and threw it on the ground, staring at her and breathing hard.
“Fine. Take off all your clothes.”
“Yes sir,” she said and hastened to do as she was told.

When they were done she dressed back into her designer jeans and t-shirt, tucking her money into her Chanel handbag.
“Same time next week Mr. Townsend?” she called as she passed his study.
He grunted his agreement and she walked out to his town car which would take her back to her apartment.