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Criminal Underground

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Blanche was not a fan of her next clients but they were also her highest paying and many London escorts would give anything to have such clients. At nine p.m on the dot, their Rolls Royce was at the door to pick her up. She locked her apartment and walked quickly to the car where the driver was holding the back door open for her. She settled into the luxuriously appointed interior as he eased into traffic, watching the sights and sounds of London town flow by and soon they left the city behind, miles flying as they headed out into the country.

This was the best part of her association with the Menendez brothers. She was never taken to the same place twice but wherever they brought her to was always a scenic drive away. The car drew up in front of a fairly nondescript hotel and the driver opened the door for her before leading her into the reception.

He passed her off to another man who led her up to the penthouse suite of the hotel where the Menendezes, Joe, and Rick were waiting. She smiled as she stepped into the suite and they turned to examine her with two pairs of narrowed eyes and lips wrapped around cheroots, the very picture of criminal decadence.

“Ms. Morris, it’s nice to see you again,” Joe said.
She smiled, posing between their twin Chesterfield leather club chairs.
“Will you dance for us today?” Rick asked, blowing smoke into her face.
“Of course,” she said and Joe aimed a remote somewhere to his right and clicked a button. The voice of George Michael filled the room, crooning about careless whispers. Blanche began to sway from side to side as gracefully, her coat slid off her.

Joe made an appreciative sound and she couldn’t blame him. Her leather bustier and mini skirt combo were quite flattering to her figure. She moved her hips from side to side, drawing the eye to them before unzipping her skirt and letting it drop to her feet. She stepped delicately out of it, spinning around and then dipping low. Rick clapped his hands, grinning as she thrust her black lace and silk covered ass in his face, shaking it as she straightened up. She cat-walked to the fireplace and then spun around, posing regally. Rick and Joe erupted in pleased applause.

“Shall we take this to the bedroom gentlemen?” Blanche said.
Both men stood up.